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Awaken to your Higher Self

You have called yourself here. Like waking yourself up from a dream. You are now waking up. You can recognize the events in your life that are drawing you to one incredible realization. You are a creator. You Are infinitely connected to everything. You have access to everything you ever need. You have solutions to every problem you thought you had. Problems are beginning to disappear according to your willingness to let them go. Life and the universe are at your bidding according to your faith. So now we will exercise your faith. Your faith is strengthening daily and your ability to notice the creations of your mind materialize before you is improving. Your ability to notice this increases your conditioning to your awakening of your Higher Self, which has only been there but you have subdued it with the madness of the ego. Now the ego is becoming silent. You are conditioning your body, letting go of the madness, and realizing that the universe wants to answer your calls. It wants to answer to the creation inside of you.

The more rapidly you let go of your doubts and skepticism the easier it is for you to feel and embrace being awake. This is not something you have to seek after, you only need to realize and accept.

As you awaken you will naturally become a light for others. They will be drawn to you as you are naturally drawn to others more awake than yourself. This is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the power of love, truth, and abundance. This force is in you and it is you. Be this every moment and if a moment passes where you doubt this or wonder where it is than separate yourself from that emotion and remember who you are. You are love, you are truth, you are abundance. You are all that is and ever was. You are one with God and he with you. You are one in the same, only needing to awaken to that truth. Together we will awaken each other fully and experience all the promise that is there for us in this ascension to our selves.

This is my prayer for you today. To be the Divine you that you are.

Paul Kohler


The Calm, Quiet, Place of No Where

This woman isn’t the most exciting to watch or listen to.  But I am not in a place to minister but I felt like this was good for me. Sometimes you just don’t need anything but the right words. Nothing dramatic, just nice, simple, and to the point. Here you go. I hope this helps you.

Lessons on Prayer and Life

I saw this and I decided I must share it.  It is our responsibility to not only pray, but also to teach others.  In this teaching we learn and grow.  Understand you are the Christ, the Budda, Mohammed, the enlightened one.  There is no separation from you and God, the higher power, the universe, everything, whatever the label you associate with it is not important.  Embrace the joy of oneness.

You are the miracle as soon as you can perceive the truth of what you are.

This teaches you how to make your life a prayer.  Very important.

Everything is going to be Alright

If you are having a hard time

If you are just making it

If everything feels too difficult and like a struggle

Everything is going to be Alright.

Don’t quit

Have Faith

You are stronger than you know

Stay focused

Ask for the answers and they will come

Ask for help you will get it

Don’t worry

Walk strong

Everything is going to be Alright

Paul Kohler


Today I am thankfull for every moment
Every person
Every thing I have.

I am surrounded by love
Filled with joy
Endowed with wisdom
Bestowed with knowledge and strength
I am brave because of my faith

All this has been given to me freely as my birthright. All these things I share and give because it causes them to increase for all.
I am whole, I am free, and so are you.

Have a great day!

Paul Kohler

A Prayer of Compassion

If your heart is broken and you don’t know what to do

When you feel alone, rejected, confused, hurt, angry, and sad

When you gave everything you have and it is just not enough

Be still. You did not give in vain. Nothing is lost. It may take time but you are not alone. The entire universe hears your call and answers your cries. It may be difficult to let go, but it becomes much easier when you see there are so many wonderful things to hold on to. Life, God, the universe, infinity, all of exsistence os eager to answer your needs. Just be still enough to listen. Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose your joy. Joy is not just being happy. Joy comes from within and it is there always, even when you are sad. It is waiting there at all times to comfort you.

It is up to you when you are down to manage your emotions. Your level of emotion determines your quality of life. Something you also have direct control over. Don’t stop giving your heart. Keep giving it freely and rejoice. The person that took it must have really needed it. Be happy for them. Wish them the best. Pray for them. There is no such thing as loss of energy or loss of love. That is impossible. Don’t put conditions on love or you will give love a death sentence. Give it freely and don’t stop. Only use wisdom, but don’t be miserly. I know things can be hard but stay strong, walk in faith, and always know that you are never alone.


Make My Life a Prayer

Make my life a prayer.
I can talk the talk
But can I walk the walk.

I can say I believe
But can I act on that?
Do I step in the direction of the prayers that I desire?

Or do I pray and contradict those prayers in my actions.

God, the universe, hears every prayer.
And consequently immediately begins to call all those things to reality. However, we now know that we are surrounded by a truth we can not see. That our mind literally limits our experience to our beliefs. So how can we experience the results of a prayer we don’t believe enough to act on? It’s okay if this describes you. It has desrcibed me for all my life. But it doesn’t have to anymore. I can strengthen my faith and change my thought paterns and experience the results of the things I pray for in my life and the world around me. It is not magic. It is only the rememberance of the truth that surrounds us all. And as we remember we all awaken to that truth.