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Lessons on Prayer and Life

I saw this and I decided I must share it.  It is our responsibility to not only pray, but also to teach others.  In this teaching we learn and grow.  Understand you are the Christ, the Budda, Mohammed, the enlightened one.  There is no separation from you and God, the higher power, the universe, everything, whatever the label you associate with it is not important.  Embrace the joy of oneness.

You are the miracle as soon as you can perceive the truth of what you are.

This teaches you how to make your life a prayer.  Very important.


A Prayer of Prosperity

Focus on yourbend result.
Focus on your dreams.
Focus on your perfect day and what it looks like.
Focus on the perfect relationships and how those interactions occur.
Focus on the way you truly want your career to go and what you want to accomplish.
Now feel what your life would be like if you had all those things. Be thankful that you can enjoy the dream. Believe with all your heart that this dream is for you to the point that there is no alternative.
Now you and I together know that you can have this.
You and I together call all the things necessary to be attracted to you to make your life the way you desire.
May your journey be better than you expect or imagine.
May you find suprises and joy in your day while you discover these dreams. May you develop quickly into the person that is able to accept all these woderful things in their life.
May you love deeply, give freely, and share with others the joy of being you.

Paul Kohler