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Awaken to your Higher Self

You have called yourself here. Like waking yourself up from a dream. You are now waking up. You can recognize the events in your life that are drawing you to one incredible realization. You are a creator. You Are infinitely connected to everything. You have access to everything you ever need. You have solutions to every problem you thought you had. Problems are beginning to disappear according to your willingness to let them go. Life and the universe are at your bidding according to your faith. So now we will exercise your faith. Your faith is strengthening daily and your ability to notice the creations of your mind materialize before you is improving. Your ability to notice this increases your conditioning to your awakening of your Higher Self, which has only been there but you have subdued it with the madness of the ego. Now the ego is becoming silent. You are conditioning your body, letting go of the madness, and realizing that the universe wants to answer your calls. It wants to answer to the creation inside of you.

The more rapidly you let go of your doubts and skepticism the easier it is for you to feel and embrace being awake. This is not something you have to seek after, you only need to realize and accept.

As you awaken you will naturally become a light for others. They will be drawn to you as you are naturally drawn to others more awake than yourself. This is the most powerful force in the universe. It is the power of love, truth, and abundance. This force is in you and it is you. Be this every moment and if a moment passes where you doubt this or wonder where it is than separate yourself from that emotion and remember who you are. You are love, you are truth, you are abundance. You are all that is and ever was. You are one with God and he with you. You are one in the same, only needing to awaken to that truth. Together we will awaken each other fully and experience all the promise that is there for us in this ascension to our selves.

This is my prayer for you today. To be the Divine you that you are.

Paul Kohler


Everything is going to be Alright

If you are having a hard time

If you are just making it

If everything feels too difficult and like a struggle

Everything is going to be Alright.

Don’t quit

Have Faith

You are stronger than you know

Stay focused

Ask for the answers and they will come

Ask for help you will get it

Don’t worry

Walk strong

Everything is going to be Alright

Paul Kohler


Today I am thankfull for every moment
Every person
Every thing I have.

I am surrounded by love
Filled with joy
Endowed with wisdom
Bestowed with knowledge and strength
I am brave because of my faith

All this has been given to me freely as my birthright. All these things I share and give because it causes them to increase for all.
I am whole, I am free, and so are you.

Have a great day!

Paul Kohler

Ultimate Power

I was watching the History Channel last night. The show was about ancient Greece and some of the mythology. The story specifically was about Percius and Medusa. As I was watching the narator suddenly said something that stopped me in my tracks.

The narator was explaining that Percius vowed to bring back the head of Medusa and that he went out in the wilderness to find her. He explained that Percius didn’t know where she was or how he was going to kill her when he found her or even really what he was looking fir because no man had ever seen her and lived. Then, the narator told the ancient secret to everyone. He said “So what did Percius do? He did the same as all the heros in all the stories do, especially those who are the sons of Gods, Percius Prayed”.

That was fascinating. The story says that Percius’ father was a god and his mother was a mortal. The bible teaches that we are to live in this world but that we are not of this world. The Sumerian text(where Genisis originated from) say that we were created in THEIR likeness and image, their being a race from another planet who have been writen about in every culture as angels or gods. The point is we all have the same access to the same power. However, we need to not only mutter, dear God help the sick, dear God bless the poor. That is not Prayer! You can help the sick and bless the poor. A prayer is walking in Faith! Taking Action! Then when you find yourself in the middle of a task you don’t know how to complete, having the faith to continue and then pray. But when you pray claim your birthright. Know that you are not of this world. Know that you are connected to all things and able to overcome. Know that all things are as they should be and be thankful for who you are. In your prayer ask to know yourself better. Ask to see the truth about the situation and yourself because the truth will set you free. Ask for wisdom to recognize the diference between reality and illusion. Then once you have asked for everything that you need, have it. Believe that those things are now in your possession and ACT in Faith. Take a leap and be that hero who is not only human but more. Become immortal in faith. Because death is an illusion and “Lo, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear now evil, because his rod and staff protects me”. The rod and staff are truth and wisdom guiding you. Truth let’s you know that there is no such thing as evil or death, and wisdom tells you that if evil is just and illusion than there is nothing to actually be afraid of.

Rejoice because today you see the truth. If you have seen this truth before rejoice because it is unchanging. If this is the first time than rejoice because you asked to see this and it was shown to you.

Have a great day!


This is for you and me both,

When times are confusing and the answers are hard to find

You are not alone

When life is not clear and the lessons are challenging

You are not alone

You were made of intelligent design.

Your life is not an accident, not a random occurrence and niether are the events in it. At this moment when the trials don’t seem to let up you can decide to accept your finest moment. These are the moments that define you. You have asked for this moment for an eternity to finally make all things right and here is your chance! This is your moment. You are connected to all things. Spiritually and scientifically. When you pray to God you are praying to that deep place Inside You. The illusion we experience right now is that we are separate. How can you be separate from infinity? In infinity there is no line where you begin and infinity takes over. It is one in the same. Only our perception draws a line from our limited and mislead understanding of the world around us and more importantly the world inside us or even better, the world that we are. The infinity that we are. Your answers are here.  There is nothing to fear.  Act on the joy that comes from within because that is who you are. Remember that your trials were designed by you to wake you up to the truth that is you! To remind you who you are, not to take anything from you but only to add.

You are a creator! You are designed in perfection, to create perfection! This is you. So when you encounter a problem that seems to large, remember this your ultimate opportunity to make things the way they were meant to be. Your problems can dissappear. It may take time, it may take a life time, but they can. You will find that there are no problems. You will find that there are only moments that call to you to wake up a deeper part of you the the truth that is your life so that you may have life and have it more abundantly.

I hope this prayer gives you the patience, strength, endurance, love, and power that you need to not only make it through a difficult moment but everything you need to embrace it.