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A Prayer of Compassion

If your heart is broken and you don’t know what to do

When you feel alone, rejected, confused, hurt, angry, and sad

When you gave everything you have and it is just not enough

Be still. You did not give in vain. Nothing is lost. It may take time but you are not alone. The entire universe hears your call and answers your cries. It may be difficult to let go, but it becomes much easier when you see there are so many wonderful things to hold on to. Life, God, the universe, infinity, all of exsistence os eager to answer your needs. Just be still enough to listen. Don’t lose faith. Don’t lose your joy. Joy is not just being happy. Joy comes from within and it is there always, even when you are sad. It is waiting there at all times to comfort you.

It is up to you when you are down to manage your emotions. Your level of emotion determines your quality of life. Something you also have direct control over. Don’t stop giving your heart. Keep giving it freely and rejoice. The person that took it must have really needed it. Be happy for them. Wish them the best. Pray for them. There is no such thing as loss of energy or loss of love. That is impossible. Don’t put conditions on love or you will give love a death sentence. Give it freely and don’t stop. Only use wisdom, but don’t be miserly. I know things can be hard but stay strong, walk in faith, and always know that you are never alone.